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Hack the Planet

Our Goal is to Inspire Autonomous Learning!

We believe in the importance in inspiring learning that spans outside of any classroom offering and more than a business we want to be responsible for the next great leader in technology!

How we teach?


Our students experience a huge increase in the amount of information that they retain when given the opportunity to practice what they are learning through hands-on training.

Balanced and Subtantive

Learning about technology can be fun, stressful, hard, rewarding all-in-one and we believe that it's important to create a balanced and subtantive learning environment where you or your child will be able to freely grow!


We believe that collaborative learning is one of the most important principles necessary to rapidly learn at all ages and it plays a key role in all of our programs!

Coding Classes

**Programs below are subject to change.

**Price per session

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Take a deep dive into computer hardware, software, and gain an understanding of how the internet works!

Discover the building blocks of software development! We'll define concepts of object oriented and functional programming, and lay the groundwork for successfully learning and implementing any language!

Take a deep-dive into web development! What is the difference between frontend and backend development? We'll cover that a lots more as we embark on a journey to build the next great web app!

In this ongoing course you will follow us as we set out to design, develop, and publish mobile apps. You will gain a complete understanding of how ideas become downloadable apps!

In a world where we are surrounded by network-connected appliances, we'll tinker, reverse engineer, and discover new APIs and frameworks that manipulate IoT devices like Alexa!

Explore game development using tools like Unity and languages like C# and C++ to build and modify games for various platforms such as PC, and Xbox One! We'll also explore game development on other platforms like PS4, Nintendo Switch..etc!

  • Programmers have the burden of the greatest mission ever conceived. The freedom of the human race.


  • I do not fear computers, I fear the lack of them.

    Isaac Asimov

  • The strength of JavaScript is that you can do anything. The weakness is that you will.

    Reg Braithwaite

  • Any app that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.

    Jeff Atwood

  • The pace and ability at which an organization is able to effectively innovate will be the determining factor of competitiveness in the future.

    Kaihan Krippendorff

  • In programming, the hard part isn't solving problems, but deciding what problems to solve.

    Paul Graham

  • Commit early, commit often. A tip for version controlling - not for relationships.

    Eugene E. Kashpureff Jr

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Want to dive deeper into software development and learn something not covered?

We offer individualized 1-on-1 training on everything from DevOps to Agile development practices!

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